Vacation Journal: Day 1

We left home fairly early, around 07:30 to set off on the 5+ hour drive south to Galveston. The drive was pretty uneventful, Houston drivers are as bad as always. We stopped at Bucky Beaver’s for jerky, because, well, that’s what you do in Texas.

Once we made it onto the ship we dumped our hand luggage & went for pizza & a beer, now it felt like I was on vacation. A couple of hours after we boarded we set sail, we saw dolphins in the harbor as we were leaving the port to my daughters great delight.

Unfortunately by the end of the day I was more than a little tired and just as little grumpy as a result. I need rest & lots of it, Faith (my 7 year old) wanted to dance & I did not do it which is completely that is messed up.

The ship, the Carnival Magic, is huge but feels crowded, like being in a shopping mall. I supposed this is where I could marvel at the engineering masterpiece that this floating behemoth is, but I won’t. (*) To me this vessel is architecturally & aesthetically a visual reminder of how bad my society is today. Everything has to be bigger, flashier, more. The belief is that this is of course better, but it isn’t, it just isn’t. We need to stop believing it before globalized materialism and moreism (**)swallows us whole in order to become bigger itself. This is how the robots will take over (please note utter sarcasm with reference to the robots).

This is my 4th cruise, all Carnival, and by far the largest ship I have been on. I’m not sure I like the size, I will have to see how the week goes, I certainly don’t like the feeling of being on holiday in a mall. It seems to me that larger the ship, the more they want you to spend extra, so many ways to bleed you dry.

(*) These are my early observations, my overly tired & desperately needing a vacation observations

(**) I think I just invented a word


I’m going to end with an interesting observation on my written notes. Day 1 was half a page, with another half page added later in the week as additional but unwritten thoughts from day 1. Day 2 comprised of almost 14 pages of journal, poetry and additional notes. For all our sanity I am going to break it up as best I can, you can clearly see though how 1 day of rest started to reinvigorate my mind though. My friends, if you take nothing else from this here me now, make time for rest, it is immensely important.




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