Stalker (fictional)

Is it stalking if I used to know you? I just need to know that you are ok Did your life work out fine? Please tell me Does your heart bleed Like I hope it does? Do you wallow in lonely misery Like you made me do? Am I your great regret The one you... Continue Reading →

Living An Authentic Life

The internet seems like a really good place to write something about living, or trying to live at least, an authentic life. I thought that, because the internet in my experience is full of fake people. Either people with picture perfect lives, or even more commonly people who use the protection of anonymity to be... Continue Reading →

The Edge of Their World

The edge of their world Beyond the horizon Explore too far And you might fall off   Proven false Known to be incorrect Yet it is so easy to see How it was believed to be true  

Vacation Journal: Day 7

Day seven was our last day at sea and our last day of vacation. We have been sailing north / north west since we left Cozumel last night, sailing towards the end of this wonderful week. I had a pleasant sleep-in to 0745 (something is wrong with that being a sleep-in on vacation), followed by... Continue Reading →

Dining shots

He wanders the floor On the prowl Between pensioners and families Poison on a tray Not just to the body But more so to the mood   Shots at dinner time, Monumentally inappropriate Yet he cries Shot, shot, shot Trying to lure a victim   With his evil glare trying to seduce Money, money, money... Continue Reading →

Vacation Journal: Day 6

Cozumel, Mexico If there was going to be a day to make or break this trip, today was the day. Today was the focal point, the fulcrum of this whole adventure. Today is the day we get to swim with dolphins. As a Dad that wants to reinforce to my child that dreams are both... Continue Reading →

Into the deep blue ocean

Into the deep blue ocean Sailing across the world Starting to see peaceful beauty Drifting into a place of dreams   Far enough away from everything Surrounded by nothing but Diamonds glittering on the Crest of meditative waves  

Another Day at the Desk

To find something beautiful In the midst of the dark abyss To read something glorious While surrounded by odious vulgarity A few minutes here and there Somehow make the day Just about tolerable Thank you friends Thank you app I might yet survive Another day at the desk

Vacation Journal: Day 5 – Belize

Today was wonderful, simply splendid. A little hurried to start the morning as we gave ourselves only 1 hour and 15 minutes to get ready, have breakfast & get gone. No worries though, we made it, even if we did abandon breakfast halfway through. Belize has a shallow bay meaning the ship has to anchor... Continue Reading →

Drawn to the wilderness

Drawn to the wilderness I run to solitude Give me sanctity Give me peace Let me be Alone in my mind In my own little world Don’t interrupt me Because things are just The right version of Messed up where I am right now  

Come on England

It is with a heavy heart that I look at the nation of my birth this morning. On the back of an awful act of terror committed by psychopathic lunatics, an act which breaks the heart, once again. It is the response of (some of) the people, my people, that saddens me even more. When... Continue Reading →

Palm Tree

  Positioned or grown? Formed or farmed? Decadent green & yellow Priceless fringe Decorates natures Tropical coat Giver of shade Sustainer of life You are life itself  

Vacation Journal: Day 4

Vacation Journal: Day 4 – Honduras After 3 days at sea we have arrived at our first of 3 ports of call. Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Honduras. A tropical paradise, so perfect it is impossible not to see how artificial it is. We woke up in port, our port side room providing the perfect vantage point for the... Continue Reading →


Angelic features Precious heart Golden waterfall of hair Eminently moldable Beautifully impressionable My joy, my honor My privilege, my responsibility The very essence And definition of love Sparkling eyes So abundant in life Teaching me to live As I teach her likewise    

Prayers for OKC, I am numb

Thinking about what vacation writing to post today seems a little redundant. How can I celebrate a good time when such awful news is coming south from our neighbors and friends in Oklahoma? I pray for all those affected. My mind cannot, maybe will not, comprehend the pain this tragedy has caused. Parents without children... Continue Reading →


  I do not like the casino Something deep inside me is repulsed by it I don’t know if it is the stale smoke The desperate souls blindly giving their money In the hope that today is their lucky day   It could be that I can do math & understand odds. Maybe it is... Continue Reading →

Vacation Journal: Day 3

  I just returned from a 45 minute march around the promenade. The best feature of this boat bar none. It is an outdoor wooden floored deck that circle the entire ship. I walked at a normal pace for me, which is apparently 5 times faster than anyone else onboard that was out walking. As... Continue Reading →

Day 2 oberservations

Some other random thoughts from day of our cruise 2 that didn't quite fit in the journal post.   Day 2 observation 1 – the side effects of reading When I read something that I enjoy, I start to think along the same patterns as the author writes. Words appear, appropriately, that are usually far from my... Continue Reading →

People watching

One of the main pass times on a cruise ship, whether you admit it or not, is people watching. I started the week with a desire to observe & take in as much as possible. As time went on though I grew weary of people, as usual, & drifted off into thoughts & efforts that... Continue Reading →

A Good influence

I had a rather special moment as a parent on day 2 of our cruise. I as was writing my poem inspired by the ship’s wake, my daughter joined me on the balcony to inquire about what I was doing. When I told her I was writing poetry she asked if she could join me.... Continue Reading →


  Setting out with such purpose Fury & anger, dispersed By this enormous alien presence Against the grain, change the world   Then, as you fade into nothingness Your purpose forgotten Consumed by the wide expanse Life, order & peace resume Normal service   And you, you are forgotten As though your brief existence never... Continue Reading →

Vacation Journal: Day 2

Vacation Journal Day 2 The day started much earlier than I had hoped for, I was woken up before sunrise by the energizer bunny. She reminded me of how I had said we would watch the sunrise on the first morning, although it was ok if I wanted to go back to sleep. I begrudgingly... Continue Reading →

Vacation Journal: Day 1

We left home fairly early, around 07:30 to set off on the 5+ hour drive south to Galveston. The drive was pretty uneventful, Houston drivers are as bad as always. We stopped at Bucky Beaver's for jerky, because, well, that’s what you do in Texas. Once we made it onto the ship we dumped our... Continue Reading →

Resuming the journey

Resuming the journey Rest so deeply appreciated It is a challenge To find the desire To pick up where I left off To return to the routine Fight the drudgery Shine the light Recall the hope Yet life exhorts That I must Press on Can’t I just stay on vacation?

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