Seeking significance

As I open my eyes & look at the world at large
When I view time for what it really is
My life, as a grain of sand on the beach of history
Seems so tiny & insignificant
What then in such insignificance can be purpose
Where can meaning be found
In a world that seems beyond change
In a land that feels beyond hope
Where can significance be found?
The more I think about it, The more I realize
Significance is like building blocks
Like small pieces of lego
It can be a poem or a song
It can be helping with some menial task
It can simply be a smile or a well times hug
Over time you have the opportunity to build a collection of these blocks
Through your life you can fit them together
At the end of your days
If you have lived life well
You will leave behind a magnificent monument
Made from the building blocks
of your insignificant significance


Photo By Norbert Schnitzler found on Wiki

4 thoughts on “Seeking significance

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  1. I am so happy to have found your blog because you found mine!! I really like your writing. Really looking forward to looking through your blog and to your future works!! This was a wonderful piece.

    1. Thank you for visiting & the kind words!
      I love how the wordpress community makes it possible to randomly stumble onto inspirational & beautiful places, such as your blog.

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