Not today

I have spent the last couple of days writing the next 2 pieces on my self examination series, as I seek to truly discover who I am. However today now seems like a ridiculous day to post something self serving. Instead I felt it appropriate to place on here something I posted on facebook in December. Following the senseless tragedy in Newtown, CT in my desperate sadness I got angry at God about the situation, honestly the only time I have been mad at God. I yelled at him on the way home, trying to avoid the tears. Then he answered me & I shared it, unfortunately it seems that these words are required daily now. My heart breaks & my prayers go out for all those affected by today’s tragedy & all the other ongoing tragedies in this fallen world.


So you ask, where is God? If there is a God, why would he allow such terrible things to happen? I can sympathise, I used to feel the same. However over the last 8 years of knowing personally the God of this universe, I understand. I don’t always like it but I understand. The greatest gift, the greatest blessing & frankly the whole point of life is love.

Without complete & utter free choice true love is impossible. As a result, in a broken world free choice can become devastatingly evil, love can be corrupted into hate & the most wonderful & pure thing in this universe, love, becomes the worst thing imaginable, hate.

Does that make it ok? Does that make it acceptable? No, but without free choice, there is no love, without love there is no point, you may as well close the universe & end it all now. I pray for everyone affected by today’s tragedy & I pray that in some small way, in some small parts, at least some small piece of good can be found to fuel the healing process.

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