First World Problems

I got mad at myself yesterday. Let me start with I really dislike the phrase; 1st world problems, a problem is a problem no matter where you are from. However yesterday I had a complete 1st world problem hissy fit, realized it & then got mad at myself because of it. I suppose quickly realizing that I was being an idiot shows progress, but it doesn’t change that I was being an a-hole.

What was it? Well, one of the great benefits to your wife working for a car company is getting to take advantage of the employee lease program. Basically we both get brand new cars every seven months or so, at an extremely discounted rate. It is time to order my new car, my wife pulls up the list that we get to choose from & there are only 6 on it, only 6, WTF. Then to make it worse I have to choose between the color I want or having the upgraded sound system, the horror!

So like the ever mature grown man that I am, I got mad, I didn’t want a black car again (I have one now) I wanted silver, but there is no way I’m giving up my surround sound (yeah I know). Shortly after getting mad that I was being forced to make such a horrendous choice, I realized what a fool I was being (sometimes I think I should break my no cussing while writing rule & write how I would say this). Then I was mad at myself for being such an idiot, of course I got over that & see the humor in it now, in an embarrassing / pathetic kind of way.

On the bright side, I should have a nice new black car in about 6 weeks time, my 4th in 2 years, yes I know, I’m very spoilt 😉

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