Recording music

Last week when I made the bold declaration that I was going to at least demo my old songs & put them on here, I did so partially to force myself to do it. Unfortunately there are 2 things that make it, well, difficult. One, is that requires me singing, for people, I’m ok with playing guitar for people, but signing, that is a whole other thing. The 2nd thing is that recording music is actually really quite difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, recording sound is easy, you attached a microphone to your chosen recording medium (usually a computer these days) & hit record. Recording music that sounds well done, like something I’d be proud to share, that is a whole other thing. There is a reason people like Butch Vig & Bob Rock are as successful as they are. Recording music is an art form that is not easily grasped.

The challenge I have is either getting much better at it, or learn to be ok with putting things out there for others to hear that sounds like it was done by a rank amateur. The thing is, I am a rank amateur, I have no clue what I am doing with recording music. I don’t get EQs, I don’t get the effects / plug ins, I spend half the time in Cubase trying to work out how to use the stinking program.

I also need to get more equipment, I currently don’t have a practical way to add drums to a track (just like real drums, I can’t play midi drums on the keys, I just can’t). Likewise the only way I have to add bass is with a keyboard which is less than ideal. Oh well, I do love to buy music stuff, so there’s my excuse.

So I have decided that in addition to committing to recording these songs, I am also going to learn how to do it better. This will be a long process, which should at least give me something to write about. Over time I shall rerecord anything I make that is actually good & see if I can get it to a stage to where I can say that it is how I actually want it to sound.



It has been almost a week since I began this post, I have procrastinated much. I was initially going to post a cover song as my first song, but unfortunately copyright laws make that somewhat unwise.  So my next post will be the 1st of my songs that I have recorded, the only one so far. It is just guitar & vocals, I need to practice singing a lot, but it is at least a start, welcome to the journey.



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  1. Chris, Thanks for sharing. You have God given gifts both in your writing as well as your song! It has been an Honor and Pleasure getting to know you. In Him, Don

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