Working Out

Ok, so let me get this clear to begin with, I don’t like working out. There is something about it that just bores me, I especially don’t like working out at the gym, around a bunch of sweaty look at me folks. Unfortunately, I have reached the stage in life that if I don’t work out, before long I start to look like I’m trying to smuggle a bowling ball.

So I must work out, well I suppose I don’t have to, but I dislike being overweight more than I dislike working out. Last year I dropped about 25 pounds & I feel & look much better as a result. I’ve gained 5 of those back, but I am successfully maintaining my weight at a reasonable point. That point is rather annoyingly about 6 pounds higher than the goal I set myself last year.

I no longer play soccer because my ligaments & skeleton frankly have advised me that it is not a good idea. What to do? Well other than working out at the appalling rate of once a week, down from the 5 time a week I did last year when I was losing the weight between 4th July & Thanksgiving. I have decided to get back into cycling. The fact that I have to get back into it is stupid, I love cycling. Yes it is great exercise, but it is for me so much more. It is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend an hour or 3, if you can find a peaceful set of roads, it is about as close to meditation as I know how to get.

My goal is not necessarily to lose the extra 6-10 pounds that might make me look a little better in the mirror, it is simply to maintain a healthy weight & fitness level, to learn to be ok, physically, with not being in my 20s anymore. Hopefully with the mix of some gym work & some cycling I can do that without giving up things I really enjoy, like good food & beer. I do need to reign back in my ridiculous sweet tooth, I did so well not eating candy for 6 months last year, but it seems to have become so easy to pig out on it again recently. There is always crap to eat in my office & I know that is a huge part of why I have gained significant weight twice in the last 5 years, hopefully writing about it will help me to get it through my skull that I need to get that back under control.

So yeah, I hate working out, but I have to do it because I hate the alternative more.

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