More than enough

I am in the thick of a 30 days reading plan to go through the gospels. My phone makes these things much easier to accomplish & rather annoyingly at times, much more difficult to avoid. Last week when I read through the feeding of the five thousand, a story almost everyone knows, something jumped out... Continue Reading →

Just Another Lunch Time

Perfumed aroma fills the air Children run and play Laughing the giggle of the free Strangers try not to exchange Flirtatious glances Conversation is avoided Should it not be welcomed? Squirrels search for food Oblivious to their company Overly tamed by the free meals on offer Motionless stream, lacking in life Magnificent tree, so much... Continue Reading →

Tiredness flows through me

Tiredness flows through me The desire to move forward lost Sitting on the precipice Predicting a slump Eyes on the prize No slumps allowed Press on & move forward If the effort is too great Take a small step today Shoot for a giant leap tomorrow Slow & steady, progress continues     Today I... Continue Reading →

Lost in Utopia

Cosmic energy flows through space Supernova decorating the horizon Vast emptiness of peace Blurring the boundaries of pleasure and pain Lost in utopia Then, as quickly as it began Seemingly like a wormhole back to the beginning It is over, like it never began But it did & even though everything is the same Nothing... Continue Reading →


Now for something completely different. We went to Germanfest in Muenster, TX yesterday. The main draw for me was the bicycle rally. I have been intending to do this ride for several years but for one reason or another have not made it. This year I decided to make to a priority, partly as a... Continue Reading →

Complete Surrender

This has to be one of my most procrastinated posts yet. Usually when I have an idea of something to write on it just falls out on the paper (or screen). Sometimes if I don’t have time I’ll put the idea in a folder for later but most of the time my blog is an... Continue Reading →

Can’t Watch the News

As the chaos of the world moves closer & closer to home I had no choice but to reengage & find out what was going on As my heart breaks & my soul bleeds I fear for my child & the world she is going to have to live in Such unspeakable horrors Everyday, in... Continue Reading →

I looked in the mirror today

I looked in the mirror today Someone stared back at me He looked vaguely familiar However he was not the tired, gray face I have seen so many days of late But a young man, with young eyes Awake & ready for adventure Today will not be a day I regret Today will be the... Continue Reading →

Thank you Lord

As you speak faith over fear As you seek fellowship over isolation As you realize not only are you not alone But you were never alone As you come to know That your significance is felt In the response of those who love you You slowly begin to win the battle You begin to claim... Continue Reading →

Playlist Poem

Of 3336 songs on my mp3 player, the first 10 to play today, in order. No One Left, Travellin' Man Give Me a Reason, Further Up the Road Barrel of a Gun, Too Tired There will never be another tonight Candle Song, Uptight High Flying Bird

I have to wonder

I have to wonder Or maybe to ponder If in all this awakening In all this discovery of consciousness Deeper thought & feeling Spirituality & supernatural If I have forgotten something? Well I know I have forgotten It seems like a lifetime Where did the fun go? Where is the spontaneity? It is not lost... Continue Reading →

Spring Picnic

Bunnies frolic in daffodil covered meadows Young lovers enjoy a picnic A romantic spot, strategically selected by the tall old oak Stone walls line the fields Rolling hills speak to the majesty of wonder Swallows flash through the sky Like angels chasing the horizon Humming birds buzz the basket Hopeful of a free meal In... Continue Reading →

All I Ever

  With my recording upgrades on hand it was time to figure out how to use everything. What better way than to record a song I originally wrote in 1994. The song itself was one of my first attempts to write solo, so it has significance in that, however I never liked it. It was... Continue Reading →

Recording Music – Upgrades

So after my 1st attempt at recording a “demo” of one of my songs I quickly realized that guitar & vocals was not going to be enough to satisfy me. What I want to accomplish is to make my songs complete, not perfect, but enough to where I can listen to & enjoy them in the... Continue Reading →

I Am the Moon

Do you want to see my anger? Do you want to feel my rage? You have no idea the power it takes to control & shackle the death that once raged The secret to that power, is that it is not mine Would you like to see a collection of words? Perfectly positioned letters that... Continue Reading →

The Firewall

The firewall Established to protect To defend from attacks Internal & external The firewall covered all possible points of entry Except one There was one that was not considered A stealth attack that had never been attempted before Writing Writing bypassed the firewall Writing accessed the memories, thoughts & feelings Locked away for so long... Continue Reading →

Wild at Heart; John Eldridge

Wild at Heart; John Eldridge Well I finally finished my 2nd book. My men’s group were / are using this book for our current study. The book is extremely powerful, it is one that I need to return to at least 1 more time. If you receive it correctly it will get in your junk,... Continue Reading →

Dream or fantasy?

A dream is born A young man picks up a guitar Fly to the highest highs Follow the path Then trail blaze it some more Be a superstar Be a someone The dream is big But the drive is not The hope burns bright But the distractions are many The fear is big The pain... Continue Reading →


You reject the land that gave you freedom To cling to a fantasy, of an alternative reality A fantasy where your home Was different Not the place of nightmares & terror You dream it could be different If only the world would agree & take notice Then the unthinkable You demand a sacrifice To raise... Continue Reading →

Spring drive home

As brown turns to green Cows chew the cud By white pipe fences I could be in any of many familiar places Low slung cacti Give the only indication Of my true location

The Explorer

When the volcano erupts The explorer does not run from it He sits there observing Wondering what happened What caused the eruption? How does this spectacular, devastating display work? Where does it get its power from? So the explorer, defining instinct Heads towards it He seeks the source, he has to understand If he does... Continue Reading →

The Kingdom Matrix

In the fall of 2008 there was a 4 week series at my church called Foundations of Freedom. The lessons were taught on a mid-week evening by a guest pastor, Alan Smith from Gateway church in Southlake. While I realized at the time that it was a significant period in my Christian development, I really... Continue Reading →


I fly through the rain in my protective cocoon Chasing lightning, running from thunder The heartless gods wracked in their daily chariot race Unyielding madness gives way to grace Who will win? Who will submit? Then before you know it I arrive, late for work Oops

Growth – a summary

I have finally finished the self-examination writing assignments I set myself early on in the life of my blog. As I go through my awakening this year, God is answering one of my longest standing prayers, tell me who He says I am. I am going to start here with this summary of what I... Continue Reading →

Confusion whirlwind

Heavy heart Confusion whirlwind Defective or effective? Where to go Discovering reality Do I have what it takes to walk the walk? Can I stay the course? These questions are not even questions anymore I have already shown that I can & I will Onto the future, the past a lesson, not an anchor For... Continue Reading →

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