Time – or the apparent lack of it

Like the sands of the hourglass so are the days of our lives


Time – it never stops, it waits for no man…..


All the things I have designs to do, big or small, I need to get around to making time to do them. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine to get lost in monotony. My daughter will be grown before I know it, I’ll be old before I know it. What will have happened in between? It is my responsibility to make sure, not only that it was good, but it had meaning & most of all, that I did my best to enjoy as much of it as possible.

Sometimes that seems like a silly goal, to enjoy your life, like a luxury. Yet I think that enjoyment is not so hard to find if you try. If you approach life with the right perspective (easier said than done) enjoyment can be found in almost anything, add to that a dose of occasional self-indulgence, coupled with acts of complete selflessness (balance is important) and I believe you have the simple ingredients to a life well lived.

One of the keys it seems to keeping that perspective right is taking it easier on myself when I don’t have time to do the things I want, such as writing my blog. Yes I can throw something out almost daily it seems, but to write the things exploring the insides of my soul takes more time than writing what I experienced on a lunch break.

So I will not beat myself up about such things, instead I choose to gently encourage myself to get to it as soon as I can. The same with reading books or any of the other tasks I have set myself for this year. Time will come, I will make time, but if I have a couple of crazy weeks at work, I have to remember that the real world, unfortunately, has to be a priority.

I just reread what I wrote, it’s funny I appear to be scolding myself to begin with then forgiving at the end. I guess that is why this blog is rapidly becoming such an important part of my growth; I find perspective so much easier when I write than when I just roll through life.


All we are is dust in the wind dude

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  1. LOL, what’s funny is, in that context, I can’t help but read that as “So-crates”.

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