I wasn’t going to write anything today, actually I was going to write a great many things today before today happened, but then today happened & I just felt meh to the whole thing. I don’t know if it was a big day yesterday or the clocks going forward or just a tired day but meh sums up my state of mind pretty well today.

Then I read this; which got me thinking. Shortly afterwards I was coerced into going on a family walk around the block to exercise the dog the kid & the Dad & by then end of it I had decided to force myself to write something. Mainly because if I don’t write something most days then this will become like exercising, a good idea, something I know I should do, but something that it’s just a pain to get around to.

Jason’s blog post was in response to this a collection of humorous memes (I had no idea what a meme was until I just looked it up) loosely based on the bible. Now myself as a very non traditional Christian found them pretty darn funny. I can also picture some upright(tight) conservative Christians losing their minds over it. Jason’s notes on the reactions he got from some atheists struck me, it really is always the extremists that ruin everything.

First let me process (defend?) my own response. The God I know has a sense of humor, I was baptized on Halloween for goodness sake. If you think about Jesus, not the strange hippy white Jesus, but the one from the bible. He had to have a sense of humor, look at his friends, he hung out with fisherman & tax collectors (the Roman kind, not the IRS). Picture it in modern tv world, he hung out with the guys from the Deadliest Catch & Dog the Bounty Hunter. The dude must have known how to shoot the sh!t & have a laugh, miracles or not he would have lost their attention early on if he didn’t.

That brings me back to extremists, of any kind. They just take things too seriously, yes some things are really important, some things are life & death, it still doesn’t stop things being funny. I can’t abide people who are so entrenched in their own beliefs that they can’t find humor in something or entertain the possible notion that another idea could be valid (but that’s a subject for another day).

Which brings me to this,


It’s funny,it just is

Another random observation I’ve made recently is that people either like comedians who remind them of themselves, or we are bizarrely affected by those that make us laugh. I’m not sure which way around it goes. My 3 favorite comedians (off the top of my head) are Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard & Dennis Leary.  You mix those three together, season with a big dose of northern England & a sprinkling of Texas & you have, well me. Maybe that is something I should investigate one day, comedians & their effect on people.

My original plan for writing today was to continue my investigation into the things that make me tick by writing about music & my non-adventures in guitar playing. That will be another day though, but in honor of the thought of doing it I’ll leave you with one of the coolest covers I’ve ever heard.


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