Happy Easter

Of all the things In all the world There is nothing That makes me think of Or reminds me more of you Than spring   You take what is seemingly dead Seemingly done & dusted You not only restore if You improve it Year after year, you change it You make all things new  ... Continue Reading →


Potentiometer I know you as a pot I know you from the world of guitars Where you control the tone You terminal resisting voltage dividing minx You speak of potential You speak of what could be What you do is really irrelevant Potentiometer I love you, because you are Simply the most magnificent of words... Continue Reading →

A sinner’s prayer

Does the light remove the dark or simply cover it up? Impossible questions answered by dreams unable to be understood What is this impossible battle? The war of invisibility You didn’t promise it would be easy or comfortable Only the truth   But what of this enemy, the silent whisperer in the ear Feel the... Continue Reading →


  Elusive mysteries The stories of the past I was convinced you were gone But you are still there lurking   Access it seems can only be gained through writing What happened to make it so? When pain became too much to bear When sorrow refused to subside   Consequences became reality Judgment forced to... Continue Reading →


Insomnia? No, I just don’t want to go to sleep, I don’t want the day to end Maybe I just don’t want tomorrow to start Let me lose myself to gentle intoxication Find myself floating away in random poetry Complexity of prose A pleasure so recently found It is late, I should sleep I don’t... Continue Reading →

Music 1: Thoughts

Today seems like an appropriate day to at least start my exploration of what it is I love so much about music. Of course everybody likes music a lot of people love music, but I feel it is time to investigate what it is that has fueled my long love affair with assorted notes. Why... Continue Reading →

11 Years Ago Today

11 years ago today A one way ticket was used A K1 visa was cashed in A last shot at happiness or the first real leap of faith?   11 years ago today A chasm was bridged 6+ months of agony were ended How can you decide to spend the rest of your life with... Continue Reading →

Mostly Nothing

Of all the great things I could to today Write a poem, read a book Make some music, explore my world Float through timeless fantasies Visit with people, create some art Frolic with children, laugh with angels Serve the needy, make a difference...   What would I do with all that today could be? Mostly... Continue Reading →


Relativity The cause of my down fall Not always the action but more the reaction The door that opens The circle that begins The downward spiral Like a whirlpool of desperation Relativity you sneaky son of a…..   Relativity You can be a pleasure too The doors you open The directions you change Momentum keeps... Continue Reading →

To be trusted with words

Sometime when it seems like you have something to say When the excitement is building, your searching for a pen of a keyboard You’d give anything not to lose it; you think it’s going to be the one. When actually, it’s just a little that really needs to come out   Once you set it... Continue Reading →

Lunch Time

Coat on, coat off Kind of cool, car’s too warm Roof open, sun’s too bright Window down, enjoy the breeze Window up, quit messing with my hair, why do I even care?   Chicken wrap, diet coke, park bench Fragrant beauty, tranquil fountain Man-made nature Symmetrical wild flowers Enjoying a stroll, never looks up from... Continue Reading →

Simple Beauty

Bold and bright Surrounded yet alone Standing tall like a giant Yet overshadowed & dwarfed   Simple beauty Defenseless frailty Spectacular individual Or just one of the masses   Dull, blending into nothingness Bright and vibrant Wonder of creation Almost alien like   How you are seen How you are viewed How you are perceived... Continue Reading →


What would have happened? Where would we be? What if I had said something? What if I had done something?   Could a marriage have been saved? Could an education have been gained? Could dreams have been fulfilled? Could the same people be completely different?   The mind wanders in the wilderness Alternative realities captivate... Continue Reading →


I wasn’t going to write anything today, actually I was going to write a great many things today before today happened, but then today happened & I just felt meh to the whole thing. I don’t know if it was a big day yesterday or the clocks going forward or just a tired day but... Continue Reading →

The day started with a test

Home at last, sat in my nice recliner with some Sicilian style lemonade and my laptop, I just returned from a taste of a world that will hopefully always be foreign to me. Today I joined some friends from my men’s group to help out at Solomon’s Porch, a homeless outreach operated by The Lord’s... Continue Reading →


I recently read an excellent piece on community or to be precise genuine Christian community on the blog here in the after. It resonated with me deeply, so I felt I should write my own thoughts on the subject and my search for it. It won’t be as in depth or as beautifully eloquent but it... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Within

Struggling with the demons of the past Invisible chains hold me fast Are they there or is it a mirage The struggle within tries to consume me Free me from this misery oh Father of light   I am not perfect, but I have perfection living within me The past, it haunts me & tries... Continue Reading →

Echoes of the past

Echoes of the past Reverberate around my mind Sometimes they are so clear I swear they are real   The things that happened The things that I did The echoes try to fool me They try to confuse   Echoes are just echoes A reminder of events long past The past it shapes me But... Continue Reading →

Shades of Brown

So many shades of brown I never knew there were so many Brown in the trees Brown on the ground Brown everywhere Its eighty degrees Its twenty degrees Its 50 degrees The wind is blowing like a hurricane There’s sheet ice on the ground What is this nonsense? It’s silly season It’s winter in North... Continue Reading →

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