Idealistic claptrap?

I friend recently shared this video on facebook, I usually ignore such things but I decided to watch this one. I liked what I saw so I shared it also. What struck me were the different responses to the video. There seem to be 2 camps, 1 that think it is beautiful & something that needs to be said. The other camp is that it is nothing but idealistic claptrap & while nice completely unrealistic.

The responses that thought it was beautiful came from friends that I would consider to be artistically creative people, the folks who thought it was silly I do not think of in this way.

I find that interesting, while obviously it is an idealistic way to think on life, it is aimed at kids getting ready to leave school. Kids who have the opportunity to mold & build their life any way they would like. It is a message I try to deliver to my young daughter frequently, that she can be anything she wants to be. If she winds up working a regular job in an office for her entire career, I want it to be because she chose that, not because it just happens.

For someone like myself, yes sure I could quit everything to follow my true passions (whatever they are), however I won’t because one of my truest passions is my family & honoring the commitments I have made to them

Maybe it is just the artists dream, to live a life of fulfillment rather than obligation. I don’t know, I really don’t know where I was going with this either, so here is the video, decide for yourself.

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