When I was a child
I used to dream a lot
Dream in my sleep
Dream in my wake

I used to dream big
I dreamt beyond my talents
I dreamt of things that seems beyond imagination
I dreamt of many ways to fly

The world told me I had no right to my dreams
I was not allowed to dream for so much
You should not dream a dream so big
So my dreams died

What of me now?
I dream no more
Not in my wake and not in my sleep
My dreams are dead or so it seems

What though if dreams do not really die?
What if a dream simply hibernates?
What if I could learn to dream again?
What if I was really allowed to dream?

What would that look like?
Where will I fly?
What will I be?
Where will I go?

What are dreams made of?
Where do they come from?
Where do they take you?
Dream a little dream for me.

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