Facebook, WordPress & the Thinker

A strange thought just crossed my mind; this is supposed to be a place for me to think so I decided to write about it. Speaking of which, I need to be conscious about writing thoughts here, at least as much as poetic ramblings, this is supposed to be one man’s journey toward conscious thought, not one man’s unexpected transformation into a poet. While the two are certainly not mutually exclusive, I feel in a way that the excitement of random people discovering & then clicking like on my poetic ramblings has in a way made me push more towards discovering my inner poet rather than my inner thinker. Again they are not exclusive but, well I’m rambling, but I want to make sure I am using my thinker.

So anyway, the thought – Facebook. We all know it, most of us use it, I recall a time when I used to enjoy it. What happened to it? Is it just me or has it become a bastion of all that is wrong with the internet (and society in general)?

Sure it is still a useful way to keep in touch with friends & family who are a long way away, or to share some seemingly important moment in your day. It’s a great way to pretend that you still have a relationship with someone you barely knew in high school and don’t feel right about “unfriending”.

To me it seems more & more that it is becoming like the vast mess of we message boards out there, a haven for keyboard warriors. Those who have an opinion that is the only possible opinion in the universe & everyone else is wrong & it is their mission to forcefully impose those options on you. It’s become a place for political nonsense & bigoted self-righteousness & I’m starting to wonder if the only reason I use it now is because it’s a habit that I would have a hard time giving up.

Maybe I’m just overly drawn in by this new blogging world I have entered, people who connect not through previous physical contact but by a shared interest in something. I’m sure there are bigots & idiots on here too, fortunately I’ve not been here long enough to find them yet. There is something so much deeper about a blog post, than a hey look at this picture with a silly caption. I like that depth, I feel it is helping me on my journey.

I wonder what the cyber-world would be like if everyone decided to take the time to think through their thoughts & share them openly & be available to rationally discuss them. Of course that’s just my ideology & not everyone else’s desire. So I shall just enjoy using my thinker & finding other people doing likewise & enjoy their thinkers too.

Going back to the first sentence, there is nothing really strange about this thought is there? Other than it was a thought & such things have historically been strangers to me J

2 thoughts on “Facebook, WordPress & the Thinker

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  1. I struggle intensely with facebook. On the one hand, I should just ignore people that use facebook as a captive audience for their wacky soap box drama. On the other hand, if I’m just going to ignore them anyway, why do I even keep them as “friends”? And on the other other hand, why do I keep “friends” that I will never talk to…simply because we never talked in the first place and only accepted friend invites on facebook as a way of clinging to some past? On on the other other foot hand foot? hat does it really matter if I’ve friended a friend who I’m not friendly with but not in an unfriendly way? Then on the oth…..you know what? I think it’s time to switch to instagram or something.

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