If what I believe is the thing that most defines who I am today, family is what defines my why. When I say family I am talking about 2 people, my wife & my daughter. I have a lot of family spread over the globe & I love them all, but my family is my wife & my kid.

The deep love we share gives life meaning & purpose. When I am at my job spending countless hours being stressed & doing things other than what I would like to be doing, all I need to do is think of my girls & the sacrifice is well worth it. I think what I am trying to say is that they make responsibility feel like a privilege rather than shackles.

I’m not perfect as a husband or dad, I don’t always do a good job of showing my love, but I try my best & I like to think I do a pretty good job.

My wife is a very special woman. She is fun, caring, inquisitive, a great conversationalist & the most amazing cook I’ve ever met. I left my home, country, family, friends & everything I know to be with here. There is not one iota of regret in that decision, I would make that leap of faith a thousand times over.

My daughter, I know I’m biased, but she has the potential to be the most beautiful person. I’m not talking externally, although she is, I’m talking about as a person. She has the most loving, caring sensitive heart. I feel such great responsibility to help her grow, to protect her as best I can from this messed up world & to provide her with as many opportunities to experience life & the world as possible. She has the most wonderful sparkle in her eyes; I pray she never loses that.

So there it is, another reason I need to stay conscious in my thoughts, when I do it is easy to remember why I am doing what I am doing & life is a much better thing.

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