I found more than I expected

Before 2013 I didn’t know of the existence of the wordpress.com  world. When I felt the call to start writing last week I simply expected to find a place to put my musings. I have inadvertently stumbled onto so much more. I could lose hours reading freshly pressed poetry, observations & life’s happenings.

On that note it turns out that I really like poetry, uncensored raw amateur poetry. I suppose given my love of music & artistic expression in general that it only makes sense, but I absolutely love the poetry I am discovering in this place. My hearts bleeds for the sadness & loneliness, my soul jumps at the expressions of joy & love.  It is wonderful & extremely inspiring.

My initial aim was simply to cause myself to actively think more, that is still the goal. In addition, somehow writing down the conversations I have with myself in my head & working through them is so much better than just being annoyed at not being able think or to sleep.

I like very much that I have discovered a way to grab the lines & lyrics that run through my head. Instead of them passing through & forever disappearing. I wonder sometimes if the lyrics that appear in our heads come from inside of us or if they are floating around the atmosphere like some kind of mystical gift for artists. If you do not hold onto the lyric does it then move on & find another home refusing to be left unwritten? I sincerely hope so, it would make the years of wasted thoughts seem much less pitiful.

I may never do anything more than write my lyrics in this place, but at least the next time I decide to try & write a song I will have a collection of my thoughts & lyrics to turn to instead of sitting there wondering what to write.  It amazes me how one line or one thought can expand so quickly into verse. Not trying to force the words into a structure but instead reaching inside & just letting what is in there flow out, can you tell I’m enjoying the ride so far?

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