A lie I once believed to be true

There is a dark place deep within my soul

It takes me to places that I don’t want to go

It overrides my self control

A curse from hell is all I know

The truth however was yet to be known

The truth could be seen only in the light

The light was shone

And the truth was found

There is no dark place within my soul

Only untreated wounds

Septic and sore with pain unbearable

I met the surgeon of the soul

Skilled with a scalpel to heal wounds new and old

He treated the wounds and cleaned them out

Still painful to touch but dressed to cure

As time has passed the wounds have healed

Yet I bear the scar for all to see

A reminder of the lie I once believed

There is no dark place in my soul and there never really was.

The 1st verse of this came to me years ago, I intended it to be a dark & angry song, some sort of confession as to why I was the way I was. However like most of the songs I should have written the past 15 years it never came to be. I am particularly glad this one didn’t though, because this lie held me in bondage for far too long.

I decided today to put the rest of the words to it. I think I’ll call it a poem, I don’t know the rules for calling things poetry, but for me if it was or could be a song but does not yet have music, them its poem enough.

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