When I was a child I used to dream a lot Dream in my sleep Dream in my wake I used to dream big I dreamt beyond my talents I dreamt of things that seems beyond imagination I dreamt of many ways to fly The world told me I had no right to my dreams... Continue Reading →

Idealistic claptrap?

I friend recently shared this video on facebook, I usually ignore such things but I decided to watch this one. I liked what I saw so I shared it also. What struck me were the different responses to the video. There seem to be 2 camps, 1 that think it is beautiful & something that... Continue Reading →

Facebook, WordPress & the Thinker

A strange thought just crossed my mind; this is supposed to be a place for me to think so I decided to write about it. Speaking of which, I need to be conscious about writing thoughts here, at least as much as poetic ramblings, this is supposed to be one man’s journey toward conscious thought,... Continue Reading →

The Desire For Depth

Once you decide to look deeper There is no turning back Like a hole in a dam Water starts to rush through You can’t unlearn You can’t un-see You can’t un-experience The soul has been awakened You have to embrace it For all its difficulties The option to give up is not there The spirit... Continue Reading →


Responsibility; such a conflict of emotions Responsibility; can feel like a punishment Responsibility; can feel like a chore Responsibility; can feel like shackles that are holding you back   Responsibility; can feel like a privilege Responsibility; a great entrustment Responsibility; can feel like a why instead of a must Responsibility; will build your character like... Continue Reading →


If what I believe is the thing that most defines who I am today, family is what defines my why. When I say family I am talking about 2 people, my wife & my daughter. I have a lot of family spread over the globe & I love them all, but my family is my... Continue Reading →

What do I believe?

What do I believe? This seems like a strange question to ask of myself. My beliefs are firm & unshakable (trust me I've tried), yet there are things I need to ask myself about within that. I believe God is real, I believe the bible is true, I believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ. I believe... Continue Reading →


Choose – everything in life is a choice Conscious or unconscious We choose to breath We choose to be angry We choose to be defeated We choose to not get help We choose to ignore our hurts We choose to fear We choose our consequences good or bad As you walk the road of life,... Continue Reading →

The Ditch

I walk along a path Beautiful countryside everywhere I look But beside the path is a ditch It seems my balance is not very good Sometimes I fall into the ditch The ditch is not comfortable The ditch is not nice And I wish I had not fallen into the ditch The ditch is not... Continue Reading →

A challenge

This week has been a challenge; I've felt the strong pull of falling back into unconsciousness. Busyness and stress seems to be the major cause, especially at work.  So today after a long & stressful day I am going to choose to think of what has actually been a really good week instead of that junk. I... Continue Reading →


Throw me back into my seat Hold me down so I can barely reach Raise my pulse Drive me wild Give me that feeling of danger That oomph in the pit of my stomach Acceleration you’re such a thrill Horsepower my great desire    


As I look at the world through these jaded eyes All I see is selfishness hate & greed Judgment & harshness Solitude & pain   How do you see me when you use your eyes? Are you jaded too? Controlled by pain? Is your lens different? Do you see beauty coming out of the dark?... Continue Reading →


This is a going to be the place that I keep track of all the books I read in 2013, whatever the reason I read the book I will note it here. I will also make some separate post to place my findings in the book. Why? Well I don’t read, by choice I simply... Continue Reading →


Identity, it is what defines us. It is what we believe in our heart of hearts to be true about ourselves. Our decisions, our reactions, our behaviors all come in some from our core identity. If you ask someone to describe or define who they are they will generally come up with a list, a... Continue Reading →

Heart on Fire

My heart is on fire Burning inside only for you You give me joy You give me peace You brought me heeling You told me truth You validated my existence You showed me I have worth From you all good things flow When my focus is on you I am in you & you flow... Continue Reading →

Valentines dud

Grocery store shelves vomit increasingly hideous shades of artificial pink Zombies shuffle their feet trying not to make one more mistake Bowing to the insidious pressure of a day then don’t believe in A 5 dollar card, some substandard chocolates An overpriced half dead bouquet of flowers There is nothing to say So reliance is... Continue Reading →

Broken Home Children

Broken Home Children Dad left when she was one No reason to ever trust again Always worried, always stressed Wondering what is to come Mom left Dad for another woman He’s just turned 13 Drugs, crime & alcohol Looking for answers to questions he doesn’t know Parents died in a car wreck Uncle abused his... Continue Reading →

I found more than I expected

Before 2013 I didn't know of the existence of the wordpress.com  world. When I felt the call to start writing last week I simply expected to find a place to put my musings. I have inadvertently stumbled onto so much more. I could lose hours reading freshly pressed poetry, observations & life’s happenings. On that note it... Continue Reading →

Why can’t we all just get along?

When will it end? When will it stop? Terrorists & counter terrorists Good guys & bad guys Is there really any difference? Espionage & sabotage Threats & counter threats Sanctions & smugglers He said, she said Nothing but BS Hate & anger everywhere People young & old die every day at the behest of a... Continue Reading →


So, what caused me to begin this blog thing? The thought has been in my mind for a while, but I didn't know what I would write about or what I really had to say. It was only on Thursday night of this week that I realized that in order to discover what I might have to... Continue Reading →

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